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How to write a conclusion for a research paper

It can be difficult to give a priority to one part of your research paper over another. In learning how to write a conclusion for a research paper, you must have a strong introduction to gain points. If the body of your research paper is not replete with sufficient well-argued points, again you will be marked down. And then the conclusion is also of significant importance. If this makes the mistake of introducing new material or does not make a well-rounded and complete summary of all that has gone before, once again your score will not be as high as it should be. Each of the three components of your research paper is important, nay essential. And while all three components of your research paper are important, in this article we are to discuss the conclusion. Yes it must be a simple summary of what you have written thus far but it must avoid being boring and dry. Do not spoil an otherwise brilliant research paper by tacking on a dull conclusion. Try and bring the same imagination you used in your introduction and body of the research paper to the writing of your conclusion.

Restating the obvious

As you discover how to write a conclusion for a research paper, you will learn that the thesis statement is the crux of your research paper. You have spent considerable time and effort discussing your thesis statement. And whilst a repetition is never to be condoned in your writing, mentioning or restating your thesis statement in the conclusion is a logical and obvious step. Backup what you have proposed beforehand. Using such words as ‘a solid conclusion is such and such’ is a fine and appropriate way to give weight to your conclusion. Tell the reader what you have explained before. Remind the reader of the excellent argument you have created elsewhere in the research paper. It is common sense to wrap up the case in this logical and well-deserved fashion.

Keep the summary short

You want to mention all of the main points you have listed in earlier paragraphs but here your skill as a precis writer comes to the fore. Brevity is the soul of a good conclusion. And don't be afraid to make some sort of call to action. If you have written a psychology paper and made claims that some action can affect human behaviour, reinforce your major point in the conclusion. Put the onus on the reader of your research paper to make a call on its quality. Give yourself a boost.

Logic is a powerful tool

As you come to wind up your research paper and create your conclusion, finishing with a powerful but logical argument gives you strength and authority. Whether or not you believe what you have written in your research paper is immaterial. What does matter is if you are convincing in your argument. If you want your research paper to attain the highest possible score, you need to use logic as you stamp your authority on the conclusion.

Think of it as a circle

You have begun a research paper with your introduction, then moved on to the body paragraphs and now you have reached the conclusion. Think of your research paper as a circle. You started at the top of the circle, at 12 o'clock, and you have travelled around the circle and arrived back where you started from. That is how a well created conclusion should finish. You've taken the reader on a journey and brought them safely home to the conclusion you wished to create.

But throughout your writing you have stuck to the research paper format as stipulated by your college professor or supervisor. That is a final vital cog in your brilliant machine.


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