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What is the key to finding great topics for an argumentative research paper?

If the professor wants the student to show his or her creativity, intelligence, writing skills and knowledge of the subject at the same times, there comes the time of an open assignment. An open assignment means that the student will only receive the basic instructions on number of pages, sources and formatting, but not the topic. Here is where the creativity steps in. Other than finding out how to write, the student also needs to decide, what to write about. However, what seems to be the absolute freedom still has its restrictions. Check them out, if you don’t want to lose point because of an improper topic.

  • Relevance. Make sure the topic is urgent for modern society and is still relevant. You do not want to debate about an issue nobody cares about anymore – you will sound like you just took the paper from 10 or more years ago and paraphrased. Think what you and your friends and classmates care about, or at least your parents.

  • Realization. The topic may seem perfect to you, but when you start writing about it, you realize that you don’t have enough arguments, have trouble with finding sources or simply cannot write a lot about it. To avoid it, make sure the topic is manageable and you will have something to fill the necessary amount of pages with.

  • Challenge. Do not forget that your paper will be assessed by your teacher and he will make an impression about you with the help with it. If you select the topic that is too easy, it will not give you a very good grade. Select a challenging topic and get a chance to show the professor how you worked hard and why you deserve the highest mark.

  • Originality. When it will be much easier just to take the topic that was already written on some time ago, you will be facing a serious risk. If you take a paper as an example, it is hard not to plagiarize anything. More than that, you may be not the first one to select the same topic as somebody and your paper will end up boring and usual.

  • Personal interest. The key to showing your topic the best possible way is to be interested in the subject yourself. Choose from your personal areas of interest and you will always succeed – an enthusiastic student is easily recognized.

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