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What is a Good Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

You cannot write an essay without telling your reader what you will address in the essay. This is a basic rule of ALL college writing. I have found that the easiest ways to help students to understand what a thesis statement really is is to explain it as the “In this essay, I am going to discuss” kind of statement.

You cannot go write with constructing a thesis statement if you follow that simple guide.

What is a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement typically follows your introductory sentences. The introductory sentences get your reader’s attention and make them care about your topic. The thesis statement then tells your reader exactly what you’re going to focus on exactly.

For example—let’s say we are going to discuss the problem of the destruction of coral reefs through over-fishing and dangerous fishing.

You might begin such as essay with attention getting statements about the state of our coral reefs today, full of juicy details and statistics about the reefs.

First Sample Thesis Statement and How to Use It

The thesis statement tells your reader exactly what you are going to discuss in your paper.

For example, “In this essay, I will discuss what we can do to stop the more destructive fishing practices that are destroying our coral reefs today. “

You would then begin the research phase and consult marine biologists and coral specialists, using their assertions about what can be done to curb this problem.

Second Sample Thesis Statement

Or, let’s say you are taking a course where an essay on diabetes two might be appropriate. You could explore obesity in adults, children, teens, the increase of type two diabetes in adults or teens – the possibilities are endless.

Let’s say you want to do diabetes in teens.

You could take the essay two directions with two different types of theses—first, you could discuss the sheer fact that type II diabetes is on the rise in teens in order to alert your reader to this problem. You would then consult the opinions of researchers as to how prevalent this increase is and what might be the cause or causes of this increase.

For example,

In this essay, I will discuss how type two diabetes is on the rise in young adults today and why this disease is on the rise suddenly.

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