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Where Do I Get A Free Example Of A Research Paper On Statistics?

Math classes often assign research papers. You should expect to write one in every math class you take. It will probably be in APA form, so bookmark a guide page for reference. There are many rules to APA, and you will need a guide.

In addition to needing a guide, you will want a paper to model your piece after as you write. The paper should be written and formatted correctly, or it will not be any use to you. There are several places to go to obtain a nice model paper.

Places to Go

  • If you go to see your teacher, you can look at papers he or she has kept from the past. Having this model piece straight from your teacher will ensure that it is a good piece.
  • Look in your textbook. At the back of the book, most books have samples you can use. A sample from the textbook is guaranteed to be formatted correctly and will be free.
  • Look online for a no-cost sample. As with anything you locate online, you will want to make sure that the person who wrote it was qualified to write it. If you stick with .org and .edu papers, then you can be safe. If you look at some college sites and professional writing sites, the work should be correct. Once you find the right fit for you, bookmark the site.
  • If you need personal help, you might want to hire a writing tutor. You can expect to pay a high price, but the personal attention is worth it. You will have a set time and day,and will be charged if you miss your session without notice. Some people hire a tutor in ninth grade and keep one for their entire academic career. Because these services are not free, see if you can sign a long term commitment, and ask for a few free sessions. These no-charge sessions can be used for looking at model papers.
  • In the reference section of the media center, you can locate sample papers on statistics. Keep in mind that reference books cannot be removed from the media center. You will need to photocopy the ones you like, or take photos of them with your phone. There is never a cost to visit the school or local media center.

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