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How To Come Up With Winning Research Paper Topics For Your History Class

With the explosion of the internet some time around the year 2002, the world has changed drastically. Today, we can find new topics for essays—they’re all over the web.

Some new Sites for Topic Gathering

Reddit is a fascinating web site for all kinds of reasons. There are whole discussion boards with new ideas with a “TIL attached—look for these—they mean “Today I learned” and they’re fascinating, and they will give you a new perspective on history and enable you to think of new topics as well.

Google and Interesting Searches that Yield Great Results

The more interesting things you put into Google, it seems, the more interesting things you can get out of it. For example, instead of simply putting in search terms such as “history topics 20th century,” try “the most interesting topics in 20th century American history.” Or, instead, you could use the word “fascinating” topics, such as this: “Fascinating topics in 20th Century American History.”

Go Beyond Google

Try asking your instructor for some fascinating topics. They will be moved that you are so truly interested and they will go above and beyond trying to help you to find and interesting topic.

Or, Scan Your History Book for Interesting Looking Topics.

Fantastic Topics for History Essay

  1. Who Really Shot JFK
  2. The Mystery of the Kennedy Curse
  3. The Most Controversial Presidencies
  4. Will Iran get A Planet-Killing Bomb
  5. An Analysis of Countries that do Not Have Nuclear Weapons
  6. Strange Disappearances in Historical Figures
  7. The Iran Contra Conflict
  8. The Larry Mahoney Case and Its effect on DUI conception and law throughout history
  9. Why did the Mafia Become Involved: The Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination
  10. Technology and the Bomb: How the Bomb Has Changed Since the Atom Bomb
  11. The French Revolution: Insights into this Revolution from a 21st Century Perspective
  12. The Industrial Revolution
  13. Prohibition and Its Effect On Law
  14. The Kennedy-Nixon Debates What Happened?
  15. Ancient History: The Greek Gods, A 21st Century Vision of Them
  16. The Battle of Agincourt: The Most Amazing Battle in Human History
  17. The War of the Roses
  18. World War I: Why its Called “the war to end all wars.”
  19. Agent Orange, The Vietnam War: New Viewpoints
  20. The Tet Offensive: What Went Wrong There?

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