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Top 40 Research Paper Topics Worth Writing About

Topics to write about are by the thousands. Depending on whether or not the person is a native writer or not, someone who is working on getting that paper completed, there are a few things that each thesis writer should keep in mind for their topics. Being specific, concise and marking them with an interest does make a difference in the overall mark. There are no drawbacks to writing about what the individual actually cares about instead of what they don't. Being that writer and choosing the topics often can come with some added difficulty, each of the topics are designed to allow the flow of information and maybe a topic will insert itself to the apex of the writers mind with some inspiration.

Statements worth writing about are subjective considering the array of topics and the amount of information an available on every single one of them, but having a topic and some list of information for each writer to choose what they would be doing makes it so that all the topics can be either accepted or rejected for the specific paper being written.

  • Statutory rape
  • sex offenders
  • gap year
  • leap year
  • WW1
  • WW2
  • cyberspace
  • hacking
  • organ donors
  • organ sales
  • charities and their ulterior motive
  • advertising
  • juvenile offenders
  • exams
  • flags
  • the queen
  • the royal family
  • grades
  • structure of education
  • digital classroom
  • athletics
  • censorship
  • oil companies
  • mining
  • fitness
  • wages
  • wage ap
  • workaholics
  • relevance
  • civil unions
  • health care
  • beauty
  • animal rights
  • child soldiers
  • gun rights
  • abstinence
  • abortion and a woman's right to choose
  • women rights
  • Iraq war
  • the future of the internet
  • the future itself
  • the future of cars
  • the future of automobiles
  • the future of mind
  • the future of technology
  • the future of science
  • time travel
  • poisoning
  • homeland security
  • the illusion of privacy

There is no lack of information or thesis statements that can and are available to be written on, and these aren't even the most of them, this is just a small sampling of some topics in case the person has gone astray in their own mind and is wanting to refocus. The idea being that each of the topics has in-depth information and not too many agreeable points. Underlined in all of the topics is the facts that will ultimately lead to a more stable thesis statement with an enduring and lasting. It may not be 40, but there are some concepts that have some unique ideas that can be mined for more information.

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