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Writing Basics: How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Writing a thesis statement can be a real challenge for a researcher. A good thesis explains the goals and objectives of your paper. It can kindle your readers’ interests and clarify the direction of your research. Here are some tips to make your task easier:

  1. Take into account who is going to read your statement. Remember that your task is to persuade people, and understanding their needs and creeds can help you.
  2. Express your statement accurately. It is a guide to your research paper, and it should explain the line of your inquiry.
    • Your thesis statement should contain confirmation. Do not try to prove your argument in the thesis – you can do it in the body of your research paper.
    • The statement should explain your position towards the problem.
    • It should show how you are going to assert your stand.
    • It should not be judgmental – let your readers be at odds.
    • Leave out all the sentences that do not support your thesis.
  3. Use the right language. The words you choose can affect the perception of your thesis.
    • Find precise and clear-cut definitions.
    • Your statement should look like a statement – utilize formal language. Words like “because” can be really helpful.
    • Be concise.
    • You can start with a question, but do not forget to answer it. Your thesis should show how to solve a problem.
  4. Put your statement in the correct place. People usually insert them at the end of the first paragraph of the introduction, although you may need a longer preamble.
  5. Follow a fixed structure. Thesis statements usually consist of two parts:
    • The precise wording of the problem you are going to cover.
    • A short summary of your work.
  6. Write down a preparatory thesis. While writing your paper, you may change your opinion or find new aspects of your research. You will be able to polish your thesis statement after finishing the entire work.
  7. Think about how you are going to argue your case.
  8. Check and edit the final version of your thesis.
    • Keep it short; do not go into details.
    • Do not mention all the possible ways to solve the problem.
    • Do not make reference to the topics you are not going to consider in your paper.
    • Do not be aggressive. You need to persuade your audience and not scare them away.
    • People usually do not use first-person perspective in research papers.

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