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A List of Interesting Term Paper Topics for High School

  1. Why do different countries war against one another?
  2. Global warming: Is it only humans’ fault?
  3. Mass destruction weapons: Are we on the edge of a catastrophe?
  4. Do animals need rights?
  5. Can a human overcome an addiction to drugs completely?
  6. Do advertisements create unnecessary needs?
  7. How does body language influence communication?
  8. Why are traffic rules important?
  9. Do we need religion today?
  10. How does art influence our lives and ways of thinking?
  11. Is it necessary to believe in God?
  12. Can some toys and cartoons be bad for children?
  13. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  14. Attitudes toward homosexuality in the world.
  15. Psychological reasons for addiction.
  16. How can we solve the problem of overpopulation?
  17. Should abortions be forbidden?
  18. Are genetically modified foods good for our health?
  19. Can beauty contests really better the world?
  20. How can bullying be stopped in high schools?
  21. How have modern technologies changed our society?
  22. Can the problem of unemployment be solved?
  23. How has a global crisis influenced people’s lives?
  24. What are the ways to minimize the negative impact of divorce on children?
  25. Is noise pollution real?
  26. Is it better to be self-employed or work for someone?
  27. Is it necessary to read books to be intelligent?
  28. Why is drinking too much coffee bad?
  29. Why do celebrities make so much money?
  30. At what age is it appropriate to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  31. The fashion industry: advantages and disadvantages.
  32. Are there universal standards of attractiveness?
  33. Can placebo treatments be effective for everyone?
  34. How does hypnosis influence your mind?
  35. If nuclear energy is so dangerous, is it worth using?
  36. Can negative emotions lead to serious disorders?
  37. Should fast food be banned?
  38. Should dangerous animals be kept as pets?
  39. Can music heal diseases?
  40. Does hard rock music provoke mental disorders?
  41. Is it better to be a morning person than a night owl?
  42. Should alcohol and cigarette advertisements be prohibited?
  43. Should children who commit serious crimes be punished as adults?
  44. Do medicines harm our health?
  45. Can cell phone use cause cancer?
  46. What is the economic impact of immigration?
  47. Should gambling be legalized?
  48. Should same sex marriages be allowed?
  49. What is the perfect age to get married?
  50. Why is space exploration important?
  51. Should ethical principles be revised?

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