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Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Whenever it is time to present your Thesis Statement you want to be confident in your topic-choice, research, and formatting.  What is your topic? Is your topic too broad? Is your topic to specialized, therefore leaving little searchable information? Are you confident in the amount and quality of your research? If you have never written a thesis statement you first need to know what it is and why you need one. The Thesis Statement is a brief overview of your topic of choice and how/what you will be touching on within your paper.

Depending on your educational level, class to which the paper is assigned, and how the research paper will be used, should determine your topic. Most research papers that require a preceding thesis statement require one with the objective of having your topic approved.  With that in mind take your thesis statement as seriously as you would your fully written research paper. Approval of topic gives you the green light to delve, head first, into your research topic. If not approved, you must head back to the drawing board and discover a new topic that interests you and is more pertinent to possible approval.

To reiterate, these five questions can help you find a topic, write your statement, and complete your research paper. Keep these keys in mind:

  • What is your topic?
  • Is your topic relatable to your class/degree program/etc?
  • Have you made your topic too narrow? Too broad?
  • Does my topic have a plenteous amount of re-searchable material?
  • Can you easily explain your chosen research topic and why you have chosen the topic?

Once you can successful navigate these questions it is time to begin you are well on your way. Having begun preliminary research of your topical interest will lead you as to the condensed direction your statement should take. Your thesis statement is the teaser to bring the reader to your attention.  There is no need to answer all the questions that will naturally arise due to your topic. Save that for the paper. Stop and think what brought you to this topic. What is it that peaked your interest?  No doubt, a question arose whenever you found your topic. That one question that popped into mind is the focal point of your statement.

At this point you are ready to begin writing your statement for presentation of your full research paper. Good Luck!

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