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How To Create A Good Research Paper With Footnotes And Bibliography

In order to build a complete research paper, you have to take in consideration many aspects. There is much more to this than the amount of research that you have to make. Some additional elements, like footnotes and bibliography, can make the difference between a good and a bad paper. These are not easy to build, but you will need to pay attention to the volume of information that you introduce here. The additional elements are supposed to offer more useful information to the reader, but not unnecessary details.

  • Introduce the footnotes at the bottom of the page, and try as much as you can to keep these away from the text itself. It can be disturbing to interrupt the content a few times only to explain a certain term. Also, make sure that you do not integrate these notes in every single page, because it can make the entire piece look messy.
  • Do not write too much. In the footnotes, you are supposed to explain a term that is present in the main text. This does not mean that you should write the entire background of the word, any synonym available or anything similar. Keep it short, clear and concise. You can not usually add more than three, maybe four lines at the bottom of one page.
  • The bibliography is a list where you write the sources that you used for a research paper. Here is where you mention book titles, magazines, published papers or any other material that you’ve used. You can write a few words about each one of them, but this is not always required.
  • Divide the information. When you found too much data about a certain issue, but you want to use it all because it’s interesting, don’t introduce it entirely in the main essay. You can keep a good part of this for the footnotes, and in this way you don’t write about a certain topic more than you should.
  • Use the same font everywhere. Many students write the footnotes in a different font or using a different color, but this is completely wrong. It can be quite disturbing to read a page that was divided in two parts, and each piece is written with different letters. If you want to make sure that your notes pop out, you can separate them by the rest of the paper with a simple line.

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