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Creating A Winning Concluding Statement For A College Research Paper

A concluding statement is the last paragraph of your paper. It should give your work a sense of completion and leave your readers with a lasting impression. Its task is also to remind your audience of the topic you researched and overview your findings. Here are some strategies that will help you make your final paragraph effective and memorable.

  • Synthesize information.
  • Although a conclusion is considered to be a brief summary, you shouldn’t just repeat your main points. Rephrase them and tie together with the reworded thesis statement. This way you’ll demonstrate the link between what you were going to find out and what you actually did. Also, point out how all the evidence and examples you provided support your argument.

  • Refer to the introduction.
  • This strategy is closely connected with the techniques you used to create a catchy introduction and it links two extreme paragraphs together. If your introduction contained a question, the concluding paragraph is the right place to restate and finally answer it. If you decided to start your college paper with a story but concealed the ending, write it in your conclusion. If you used some images in your introductions refer to them at the end of your paper, irrespective of whether you mentioned them in the text.

  • Provide a logical account.
  • Provide your readers with a clear statement of your opinion if your topic was too broad and you had to analyze its different aspects. Briefly remind the readers of the key ideas and arguments and present you concise account on them. Don’t be afraid to establish that your thesis statement is left unanswered. You might have changed your opinion after the research, so state your hypothesis once again (but in other words) and write whether you feel the same about it or you’ve changed your view. Another way of ending your paper is to suggest that further research could provide a more precise answer to the discussed issue.

  • Help your readers form their opinion.
  • You can give your readers an opportunity to draw their conclusions from the presented findings. Make sure that you provided enough examples and evidence that will allow your audience answer the question. Note that this strategy isn’t applicable to all kinds of research papers. It would be appropriate for the project in humanities or social sciences.

  • End with a call to action.
  • It shouldn’t necessarily be a call to action but a recommendation. You may also urge your readers to further research or participation in tackling the discussed issue.

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