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A List Of Exciting Business Law Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper is an effort-demanding task. Most of the times, students find themselves stuck with the topic selection for their paper. This is the first step to writing a research paper and is indeed a critical one. Choosing the right topic for a research paper can come in handy. However, if you are student of business law, you have more than a few options to think about for your topic. You can talk about the corporate culture of a company, the ethical bindings for employers, workforce related laws, and environment related regulations for a business.

If you want to choose an exciting topic for your business law paper, then you may have a look at the following list of topics. Even though you might not find all of these topics relevant, you can certainly pick a few that match your interests and area of study.

Exciting research paper topics for business law

  1. How can businesses deal with gambling on the internet?
  2. Compare the marketing laws for fast food and junk food companies
  3. What legal bindings will a company face if they test products on animals?
  4. Discuss the privacy and internet security issues that consumers face while dealing with online companies
  5. Is tort reform good in favor of companies or consumers?
  6. Do companies follow the water law or pay penalties for ignoring the terms
  7. Why Chinese companies are taking over the manufacturing industry rapidly? Is this something to worry about for the US and European businesses
  8. What is the difference between redundancies and firing? Are there any rules to follow?
  9. What do new employees agree to when they sig the appointment letter and receive a job contact?
  10. Which companies can increase their operations to a global level and how?
  11. What are the laws for a company to get private limited registration?
  12. What happens if the work force is not receiving ideal working environment in a company
  13. How can businesses maximize their revenue without effecting the local market
  14. Does government have a control over private sector monopoly? What are price legislations and how do they implement
  15. Can a company registered in US operate in the rest of the Europe without a license
  16. Why do companies outsource their manufacturing operations to less developed countries? Are there any legal legislations for that

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