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A List Of Controversial Research Paper Topics Related To Sports

Sports as a form of entertainment may be one of the biggest industries on television today. We all have a favorite sport, even if it’s robot wars, so its influence on society, even if just indirectly through interactions on social media, is significant enough to make them a major advertising avenue for large corporations. Sports has many good sides, for example it inspires young kids to aspire to physical greatness, but there are also many negative sides that may not be purposeful, but still exist because of human nature. The following is a list of controversial research paper topics related to sports:

  1. Men should be required to wear less revealing attire because of the effects their excellent physical forms can have on the ego of men with less attractive bodies.

  2. Most athletes are do not lead model lives so society should stop portraying them as heroes and role models to young children since they may eventually emulate bad habits, like drug use and promiscuity.

  3. Women are belittled in sports and are often seen as just a display of sexual attraction rather than physical accomplishment.

  4. Sporting companies do not care about portraying sports as the height of physical fitness, instead they focus more on sensationalism and idol formation.

  5. Only sports that are popular with a certain target market are promoted by major media corporations.

  6. Athletes that are injured and cannot compete should be better compensated instead of simply being dropped for the next best athlete.

  7. Showboating is considered a poor display of sportsmanship and individuals participating in this activity should be disqualified.

  8. The winners of many judgment based sports are highly influenced by the attractiveness of the participant.

  9. Is it fair that high rated athletes are paid significantly higher wages than members of their same team even though the outcome of the game depends entirely on team effort?

  10. In team based sports, it appears that the team captain does not do much during the match so there is no reason why these teams require a captain.

  11. Governments should place more importance in the role of sporting activities in the development of their societies and communities.

  12. In many sports it appears that individuals of certain races have an advantage based on the frequency of their victories relative to athletes of other nationalities.

  13. Sporting agencies should establish a standard of temperature, humidity and lighting that each sport should be played in to eliminate the possibility of environmental advantages.

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