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How To Use A Sample Of A History Research Paper

Almost everyone has to do a history paper in their academic life. Every year paper after paper passes the professors desk for evaluation, to determine the student's understanding of the material and the grade.

What many students don't understand is that they can use various other resources they might not have been aware of such as a previously written history research paper.

But to use the sample of a history research paper that documents part of the new research, is doable. There are some details however in how this can be done without it becoming a problem for the student or their grade.

Rules And Guidelines

In the world of publishing, which is basically considered published when a piece of work is complete, the use of that work in different ways is problematic. It's generally frowned upon with consequences, when someone uses someone else's work without permission of its author. That's called plagiarism and professors will not tolerate it.

That doesn't mean however that the original work cannot be used to some purpose. For instance, when research has been completed that will help the student's point for their research paper, it can be used but within reason and as long as the original author is cited.

For instance, some information can either be quoted within the next student paper, with citation at the bottom that follows a set standard. The quoting of that text is considered the sample of the history research paper. But, this too can be done for other works as well. Unless the rights to the work specifically leaves it open, it must be cited.

Citation Standards

With document software, the ability to attach a sample to a document acceptable depending on the professors. If the sample is an image, the work must still be cited in the text. In other cases, if the history research paper is posted online and if the professor allows it, the paper can he hyper-linked from the document, again with citation.

But for most cases, the sample is placed verbatim in the new document being turned in. When citing the work, professors have certain standards for citing work which established by other institutions such as:

  • MLA style
  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Harvard Style
  • APA style
  • ASA style

If the professor leaves this option open, the MLA or Chicago are more commonly used.

The Student's Perspective

History being the type of course that it is, is seen as something complex by the student who isn't willing to do the work that a lot of times they will simply use the entirety of another already written paper and turn it in as new work thinking that the professor will never know. The problem with this is that everyone has a different style and the one turning in someone else's assignment has very little chance of success passing it off as their own, or making the grade. Best case scenario, the paper with properly cited and included sample, will make a good impression.

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