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Help me find good topics for research papers for high school

A really great idea is to think about research topics that are in some way related to current events. Why? Because it will have some up to date research to support it and will hold the interest of the reader as they will already have some knowledge.

You will still need to do some meticulous background research, so your work will be based on sound factual evidence rather than the hearsay of the media. Make sure that you research can also provide information about the history and implications of your topic that extends into other fields of study.

Make sure that you narrow down your interest – make the field of study too large and you risk producing a paper that lacks empirical evidence and scientific basis.

First, decide on your area of interest. History can be a good option as you can think of a broads topic such as 'World War II', which can then be narrowed down to 'Land Girls and their impact on the economy', which is a more specific area in order to read about, and look for papers and documents that provide you with supporting knowledge and evidence. Remember to be cross curricula.

Other History suggestions:

  • A comparison of the effect of immunisation on the nation's health in the 1950's.
  • An in-depth research into the history of a local (named) town. If appropriate take the history back to medieval times or to a focal point such as the emergence of the town through a specific invention.
  • Discuss why the Industrial Revolution caused a decline in exports from India. This needs to highlight the use of trade routes and also the knock on effect of Europe producing low cost fine fabric.

English suggestions: advice don’t just write the summary of a book or play.

  • How does the work of Shakespeare compare to the work of Larkin based on each being a writer of their times?
  • Find comparative studies about a particular book. Compare and contrast the studies.
  • If Shakespeare was alive today, what play would he write and why – relate to present society.
  • Make a comparisons of two pieces of contemporary literature and relate them to a multicultural society.

Science suggestions: think about the possibility of experiment research. Write up as an experiment, including method, results, discussion and conclusion. Make the research relevant to the level of study.

  • Research using different raising agents in a cake batter.
  • Compare food packaging generally used now to packaging used a decade ago – has it become more easily recyclable.
  • Research what factors can affect your cell-phone signal.
  • Research the effect of the sun on increased lightning strikes.

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