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What Are the Most Compelling Health Care Topics for a Research Paper?

Writing about health care can be tough, especially because it seems all the great topics have already had extensive research and have been discussed thoroughly. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Health care offers a wealth of topics to write about. It’s simply a case of asking the right questions to inspire new ideas and discussion. Here is a list of some of the most compelling health care topics for you to write about or get inspiration from:

Health Care for the Elderly: How should health care for the elderly be handled? Should we ensure they receive the maximum care or should we consider that health naturally decreases in later stages and therefore not spend too many resources in care?

Pregnancy in Later Ages: Medical experts believe that mid-thirties is around the time that people should consider no longer having children, but more and more people are waiting to reproduce until they have established themselves professionally and can afford children. Are they putting themselves at risk?

Beauty Products and Health Risks: What are the real risks that come with the hundreds of beauty products that are sold over the counter? Is it an exaggeration to assume that there is more that we should be concerned about?

Health Care in Third World Countries: Should first world nations be concerned about health care in third world countries where disease and health risk is elevated? Should first world nations only concern themselves when the risk of spreading diseases is a reality?

Universal Health Care for the Poor: Is universal health care for the poor a society’s concern or is it a matter of free-market and not a concern for middle and upper-classes to concern themselves with?

Health Education for Teenagers: How can health education be improved among teenagers? Are schools doing enough to teach kids about proper diets, hygiene, drug use and more? Or can we do more to ensure teenagers don’t put themselves at risk in the future?

Pregnancy Among Teens: Pregnancy among teenagers has decreased only slightly in the last two decades. Is this a sign that education can’t overcome what is believed to be a natural order in terms of reproduction and age?

Animal Testing for Reduced Health Risks: Animal testing has always been a controversial issue. But is it a needed action to help reduce the risks that humans face with various commodities? Are there alternatives to ensure that humans aren’t put at risk?

Sugar and Decreasing Health in Teens: There is no doubt that sugar has extremely negative effects on teenagers. So why are so many foods and beverages loaded with gross amounts of sugar? Should companies who put large amounts of sugar in their products be punished?

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