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Basic Writing Requirements For Intro, Body And Conclusion In A Research Paper

Research papers can be the high point of any scientific experiment or study so many scholars place high importance in it proper construction. The styles and format used, as well as methods of data presentation can vary depending on the school or body of study but some things remain the the same across all types. Here is a list of the basic writing requirements necessary for any research paper:

  1. Introduction
  2. In this first section of the paper you are required to state your hypothesis or explain the reason for conducting this particular type of research. The purpose of this section is to introduce the reader to the topic, especially if they are unfamiliar, and lay the ground work for the rest of your presentation. It is not necessary to go into too much detail in this part, but instead you seek to inspire the reader’s interest in your topic by using any literary means possible. It is also customary to end this paragraph with a transitional hook that draws the reader into reading the body of the paper.

  3. Body
  4. This section can be two to three paragraphs long and their contents can either be an expansion of an idea stated in the introduction, or completely new ideas that support the main theme of the paper. Be clear and concise when presenting your information, focus on facts and evidence and avoid subjective information. Your hope is that readers will be able to analyze your information and come to their own conclusions based on the facts presented. It is also necessary to show the reader how you have analyzed the evidence and what you think it indicates. Remember to be objective and speculate only on evidence presented in your study.

  5. Conclusion
  6. In this section you must bring all your ideas together to formulate one conclusion which must be stated clearly and concisely. Your conclusion must be based on your data and it must leave the reader with a sense of completion after reading your work, hopefully even agreeing with you.

  7. Reference
  8. In any form of research you are likely to utilize the work of someone else. Be sure to always quote them accurately and include in your reference section the name of each author or journal, as well as the date and title of the published pieces you may have used or referred to in your paper.

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