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Topics For Argumentative Research Papers: Effective Guide For Dummies

Sometimes writing an argumentative research paper can be tough, but sometimes figuring out the topic can be even tougher. Here are a few prompts for titles that even a beginner will be able to make work. All you have to do is pick one of our prompts and narrow it down until you find your topic. So here they are:

  • The environment
  • Death in society
  • Democracy
  • Marriage
  • The Environment
  • The earth’s environment is always a great place to find your topic. Do you believe in climate change, or believe it is man-made? Do you think solar panels are better than coal? Are rising sea levels really that big of a problem? Whatever you choose, make sure to keep it argumentative, as if you are trying to win a fight of words against an opponent. Pick a side.

  • Death in Society
  • Death is always a taboo subject, and that’s what makes it such a great topic. From the death penalty and abortion clinics to euthanasia and the practice of cremation, death gives life to argumentative research papers. The great thing about death is it’s so divisive. Everybody has an opinion on it, and a strong one at that. So find a topic that stands out from the crowd and drive your arguments home.

  • Democracy
  • With half of the Middle East in turmoil, Europe struggling against the EU’s bureaucracy, China being, well, China, and the rest of the world trying to figure itself out, now is a great time to talk about democracy. In the land of the free, politics is stuck in the mud. A divide splits friends and family and nobody can agree to anything, so has democracy’s day come and gone, or is this just a bump in the road? What about India, with one billion citizens and the largest number of voters on the planet? Can other places look to it for inspiration? Can you look to democracy to inspire your topics? Yes you can.

  • Marriage
  • Marriage is up among homosexuals and down in heterosexuals. What makes divorce so prevalent, and what separates marriage from a civil union? Do you agree with where society is moving? Do you think the times we live in are inevitable, or is our age a fragile thing? What could happen to put down the stumbling block? Look at Russia and their repressive anti-gay laws. Look at Europe and its ever-increasing liberalization of society.

All these, and more, will surely help you to find the topic you need.

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