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A Guide To Crafting An Outline For A Research Paper On Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is not a term that you hear every day. However, though the term isn’t commonly used, it is prevalent in the world today. When creating dissertation on this topic, it is important to analyze it to depict the truth as it is.

In the opening, explain what exactly this is and its prevalence in the world, and the countries where this is commonplace. Human trafficking is the trade in humans, with the aim of making them sex slaves, forced workers, exploiting them, etc. You have to emphasize that this is not the only reason that this takes place. You can write about how trafficking is used for organ or tissue extraction and even surrogacy! It is not only happening locally, because people are known to be moved across borders and seas, unnoticed.

It is a fast-growing, multi-million-dollar industry, that it is taking place in the shadows. It is considered taboo, and is a violation of every individual’s human rights, it is against all morals, and is a crime. However, this does not stop it from happening in the world.

It happens at public events, in crowds, where it is easy to snatch someone and go unnoticed. You can include in your dissertation, the countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in the world, such as Thailand, China, Ghana, Uganda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Haiti, Brazil, and on top, we have Bangladesh.

You can talk numbers, give statistics to show the readers the size of the sex and human trafficking industry. Analyze into the three Ps – protection, prosecution, and prevention.

Structural factors, considering the reasons for trafficking, including poverty, unemployment, social norms which are discriminatory towards the woman, demand for sex in the commercial world, and globalization.

Talk about the consequence of this trade on the victims. The abuse faced by the victims in the hands of their perpetrators. It is not only physical abuse that the victim faces but also, short term and long term psychological impacts. The victim also faces risks of HIV or AIDS.

Understand that all the information available, the statistics and such, are all estimates. The reason for this being that, no trafficker is going to publish final accounts in the human trafficking trade! So the lack of accuracy of the data should be talked about, because accurate data cannot be obtained.

Your research paper should close with a conclusion that includes the technicalities and a proper analysis of the areas of human trafficking.

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