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Writing Excellent and Catchy Conclusions for Research Papers

The conclusion reveals the results of your research and makes the paper complete. It also leaves a final impression on the readers. That is why good research is unimaginable without an effective conclusion. However, students often do not pay enough attention to theirs conclusions when writing research papers. Our recommendations can help you to write a great and exclusive conclusion.

  1. Start by summarizing.
  2. Open your conclusion with a brief reiteration of your thesis, and synthesize the main points and arguments of your research. Write it in a couple of sentences, and then try to prove to your readers that your paper is useful and important by answering the “so what?” question.

  3. Answer the “so what?” question.
  4. The second part of your conclusion should make your readers think about your topic and the main points of your research. There are different ways to answer the “so what?” question, and here are some of them:

    • Call-to-action.
    • If you write a research paper about some problem or a social action research, the best way to conclude your work would be a call-to-action. You can use this method to change your readers’ points of view with the information they received, or to give them some recommendations on how to solve the problem you are writing about. A call-to-action involves your readers in your research.

    • Use a contrasting idea.
    • Attract your readers’ attentions by providing an alternative idea to the original argument of your research. This method shouldn’t deny your main argument, but it will definitely provide some food for thought for your reader.

    • Suggest further research.
    • If you want to turn your research into a larger project, you can propose to your readers to continue your research. You can even point towards some main directions for further research based on the information and ideas of your paper. Using this strategy, you can draw your reader into your research. Do not forget to identify your main audience before using this method.

    • Think globally.
    • Try to place your topic and its main ideas in a more global context to show your readers that your specific research has sway in a larger conversation on the topic. Using this method, you emphasize the importance and efficiency of your research.

To make your conclusion more impressive, you can also end it by posing a question to your readers, appealing to the readers’ opinions or life experiences.

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