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Eleven Great Suggestions For Appealing Research Paper Topics On Government

Wherever you may live, it is likely that your are lead by a collection of individuals each assigned with a different task concerning the management of your country’s affairs. This is a government and this system is one of the major features that set humans apart from the other animals. It can come in many varieties, some of which are met with disapproval by other countries, yet every one achieves, more or less, the same objectives in varying degrees. Here are eleven appealing government research paper topics that should be great to write on:

  1. There are democratic, communist, imperialist and many more systems of leadership in various countries of the world. Based on evidence, which do you consider to be the best one for the future success of the human race?

  2. How are imperialist government structures influenced by changes in modern opinions on human rights and morality?

  3. What is the oldest surviving system of government in existence today and speculate on the reasons why it has managed to survive when many great nations have fallen throughout history

  4. What will you consider to be the most effective system of government and give reasons and examples why.

  5. Most, if not all great nations in existence today, have suffered through a period of war at some point in their history before they became the stable societies we see today. Can it be speculated that areas that are still undergoing unrest will one day be able to achieve this level of stability without outside influence?

  6. If indigenous populations were not extinguished by more advanced, larger nations before the could grow and adapt, what could they have contributed to our present systems of societal control?

  7. Can politicians really be trusted with ensuring the well being of the population or is there enough evidence to show that the population only benefits because the politician wishes to remain in office?

  8. Should governments that import cheap laborers from less developed countries be prevented from doing this in order to protect the employment opportunities of its citizens?

  9. Is the concept of setting a minimum wage a good or bad thing for the citizens of a country?

  10. Should the state be held responsible for the actions of police officers in the line of duty?

  11. How are the present methods of dealing with terrorism ineffective and may serve the cause of the terrorist rather than prevent it?

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