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How To Write A Good Term Paper About Freedom: Secrets From A Straight-A Student

When Labor Day or Memorial Day roll around, teachers love to start handing out paper topics about freedom. Since this is a common topic for writing, students should be prepared to think of a unique topic. Many of the normal ideas about freedom have already been written about and are overdone. To get a top score on their assignment, students need to pick a unique topic idea that is relevant for them.

Relate to a Personal Experience

Most high school students have never gone to war, but they may have parents or grandparents who served in the military. Students can use examples of supporting and protecting freedom from their family to make an interesting narrative. For some students, military service is the opposite of what freedom means. If the student immigrated from a war-torn nation or is a refugee, they may view the freedom from fear and violence as a more apt descriptor. Students who have had these personal experiences should use them in their writing because it makes for a profound, touching argument.

The Founding Fathers

John Locke, the Rights of Man and the Founding Fathers were not around forever. Before the Enlightenment, it was expected that people would serve their kings, fight for their country and obey unjust or just laws. For many societies, the concept of voting or a democracy just did not exist. Even in ancient Greece, the democracy that existed was only enjoyed by citizens.

Comparative Freedoms

For an extremely interesting paper, students could look at how democracy and freedom is practiced around the world. For example, the freedom of speech in the United States allows people to say anything that they want as long as it does not incite violence. Due to World War II, Germany allows the freedom of speech as long as it does not mention or applaud the Nazi party.. By comparing the different practices of industrialized and third-world nations, students can create a highly unique paper topic.

The Meaning of Freedom

Although this is a common topic, it can still be a fairly interesting paper. Students should sit down and brainstorm what freedom means to them. They can look up the definition of freedom, consider personal stories about it, historical references, philosophy or their own feelings. The ,ain thing students need to focus on is developing their argument. With a paper topic like this one, students have to focus very narrowly on their subject or they will end up covering a number of tangents and unrelated ideas.

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