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A List Of Exemplary Sociology Topics For Research Papers

Your instructor just gave you an assignment in Sociology. The problem is there are so many different topics to cover and so many avenues to explore. There are several things that you should consider when writing a Sociology paper. First, make sure you have enough on a subject to write about. Second, make sure you have enough backup to substantiate your argument. If you somehow start a topic and find there isn’t enough information, be sure to communicate with your instructor: they may let you have an extension. Third, enjoy the topic that you’re writing about. This paper explores a few of the best topics to be discussed in a Sociology paper.

As mentioned previously, there are several avenues where you can explore your options with a Sociology paper. Because the subject is so broad, most websites and publications segregate them into a number of categories. Below are some of the categories.


If you are passionate about the educational process, whether it is exploring the deficiencies or efficiencies, or even how to improve the current situations, this branch is for you. Example topics include:

  • Educational Global Differences
  • Deficiencies in the Education
  • Education in Adulthood


If you are interested in the various roles that family takes in modeling society, this is the perfect branch for you. Example topics include:

  • Cultural Differences in Families
  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Various Parenting Styles


From the white dress and tuxedo to the old couple sitting on the porch watching the sunset, if you are in love with love, this is the path for you. Examples include:

  • History of Marriage
  • Differences between Polygamy and Monogamy
  • Children & Divorce


If you are interested in why crime occur or the history of a crime, then this is the branch you should investigate. Examples include:

  • Crime and Educational Level
  • History of a specific Serial Killer
  • Terrorism


Sporting events have been a social gathering place for centuries. If you are a sports nut, this branch may be of interest to you: Examples include:

  • Effects of Substance Abuse in Sports
  • Sports Related Health Issues
  • Use of Sports to Bridge Cultural Divides

As you can see, these are only a few samples of what different roads you can take to get a stellar Sociology paper. Just remember that if you choose a topic, make sure you are passionate about it. Also, if you pick a topic that ends up being a dead end, be sure to communicate with your instructor to get a possible extension.

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