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Writing An Economics Research Paper: How To Do Without Your Professor's Help

After you have selected a topic for your economics research paper, it is now time for you to conduct the necessary research. You should make use of all the available tools at your disposal, including writing guides, simple papers, interlibrary. When you are researching you must only rely on Academic journals or peer-reviewed articles. Finding reputable sources is imperative to the core structure of your argument. Without good sources, argument will be faulty. As you connect to research, it is proper notes and see organized.

  • If you write down a piece of evidence or a statistic you need to write down the corresponding bibliographic information including the page number. This will make it significantly easier when it comes time to put together your bibliography or works cited page. You can keep your notes organized by using different colored cards and/or different colored pens for each of the different arguments you are presenting. Once you've completed your research it is time to write the outline.
  • You will help you to craft a good preliminary draft. The preliminary draft will be significantly easier if you have the contents of your argument laid out in the correct order.
  • When you write your preliminary draft remember that the first draft will never be perfect but it's in your best interest to get anything down on paper and from there make the revisions. If you're not feeling particularly creative writing something rather than nothing can put you ahead of the game. Revisions are vital components writing a good essay and once you have your first draft is your job to go back and proofread/revise. During this phase of the writing we will find errors places where topic sentence is not good or places where transitional sentences missing. But it is during this part of the writing that you were supposed to find those errors and fix them.
  • Professional acknowledgments can be included at the start of your paper. Look over the list of people who contributed to your academic success. Think about all of the professors or professionals who helped you such as advisers, librarians, classmates, or professors. Think about people who helped you with your research, writing, or surveys. Mention the full name and the title of each academic contributor. If you are mentioning your close friends, you can protect their identities by only listing their first name. If there are many people inside of a large group who helped you, you only have to list their group name.

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