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In Search Of An Example Of A Research Paper About The History Of Computers


There are two ways to write a good research paper. The first way implies that you should do your project from scratch. This is a laborious and time-consuming path because you should explore your topic deeply, look for both primary and secondary sources in your niche, analyze obtained information, and represent your ideas logically and comprehensibly. Fortunately, there is an easier way to cope with this assignment. Find a good example of academic work on the assigned topic and refer to it in the process of writing. For example, if you should craft a research paper about the history of computers, try to get a well-written sample in this specific subject area. The following tips will prompt where to search for the needed copies:

  1. Library
  2. Visit your school library. A reference librarian will help you find information on the history of computers. It is likely that these materials will include the previous students’ papers on the similar topics.

  3. Students
  4. Senior students are good sources of help and it is great if you have friends or acquaintances among the upperclassmen. Topics for writing assignments tend to repeat from year to year. Due to this, you have high chances to obtain a needed example or even several of them about the history of computers.

  5. The Internet
  6. This is, perhaps, the easiest option. The Internet abounds with academic papers of different types on a variety of topics. However, you should be very scrupulous in the process of search and sort out all available resources carefully. To find a needed example, do the simple keyword search. Be specific in your request. Type “research paper about the history of computers” in a search box and have a look at the results.

    • Custom writing services
    • The samples on the needed topic may be found on the websites of professional writing companies. Sometimes, you may download an available copy for free. It often happens though that the suitable example is provided not completely and you should pay to view the full version.

    • Educational websites
    • The websites of different universities often contain the best sample papers that can be used as reference materials. With any luck, you will find a well-written example about the history of computers there.

If you obtain a sample of work on the assigned topic, use it wisely. Don’t copy any information. Refer to it to borrow interesting ideas, to look for the gaps in this research area, and to access reliable and relevant sources in this specific field of study.

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