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Great Tutorial For Writing A Conclusion To A Research Paper

Most students see the conclusion of a research paper as the place where you can reinstate your thesis and summarize what you have just gone over in your research paper.  This works sometimes in longer research papers but it can be boring, reading the same thing over again.  Most instructors want you to go beyond simply repeating yourself.  If your confused on what should go in your conclusion, here are some suggestions that you can use to change up your research paper conclusion.

Suggestions For Your Research Paper Conclusion

  • One suggestion you can use for your conclusion is to ask yourself so what, about your thesis statement.  You might have covered all of the points to answer your thesis but there still might be some underlying importance that you can include in your argument to give it that extra push.
  • You can also use the class that you are writing it for to connect a theme from the class to the research paper.  You can look for the overall theme between the class and your paper or thesis that connects to the class.
  • Another suggestion is to find one or two more sources that show evidence against your thesis.  You have to the information about your thesis in your research paper in the main points you made, but is there other information about a different way to look at the subject, this can be used to conclude your research paper.
  • You have done a lot of research and developed your thesis over the course of the research paper but out of all of that research, did you end up with a new question about the topic.  If so, you can introduce a new question that came to light in your research paper.  Giving and answering a new question about your research paper is a good way to conclude your paper.
  • Is there a weakness in your argument after you have finished writing your research paper?  If you answered yes then you can tell the reader about that limitation in your conclusion.  This strategy is usually used in research papers that have to do with studies and experiments, where more research and studies might need to be done to fully answer the question of your paper.

Once you have picked which one you are going to use for your conclusion, look over it and remove anything that don’t add up and don’t use in conclusion or in summary in it.  You also might want to consider using a title or a subtitle for conclusion to tie it to the entire paper.  

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