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Expert's Tutorial On Composing A Research Paper About Dead Poets' Society

Movies are a core part of modern day entertainment. With many social groups and activities spawning from this industry, the act of movie going has taken a life of its own. Most movies are action or comedy based but every once in a while, a producer managers to capture the hearts of their audience, inspiring many discussions and essays for years after the first showing of the film

It is easy to see why the Dead Poets’s society has managed to make such a huge impact on our minds, we all wish to live life to the fullest, given the opportunity. This story provides the raw material for many research ventures because of the way it has opened the minds of many people, to new ways of looking at life. The following is a simple guide to show how to compose a research paper about Dead Poet’s Society:

  1. Select a theme from the movie
  2. The ability to identify the theme of a story should be a required skill for any writer. By selecting one of the many themes present in this movie, you could devise your own side story to compliment the already existing one, you could use this side story to formulate a hypothesis.

  3. Formulate a hypothesis based on this theme
  4. You could formulate a hypothesis based on any theme you identify from the story. Your goal is to create a statement, making a prediction about any particular aspect of the story. Your final intention is to test your statement by any practical means available.

  5. Devise methods to acquire relevant data
  6. This part may be a little tricky since the ways of investigating this story may be limited. Still, there are ways you could explore the topic by using real life, similar situations to draw information from, what is important is to always keep in mind where and how you gathered your information.

  7. Choose the most effective way to communicate this information
  8. There are many ways of expressing information and not all of them can be effective for every situation. Consider the information you present and the best ways of communicating your thoughts to your readers. How you present you information can greatly affects how it is understood.

  9. Critical analysis of data
  10. While this may be a fictional piece, dealing largely with the thoughts and emotions of persons, it is still a research venture and must be dealt with as such. This means that you must always adhere to evidence based claims and assertions, avoid personal opinions where possible.

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