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Choosing Intriguing Term Paper Topics In Political Science- 18 Great Ideas

Political science deals with systems of government and the analysis of political behavior. When you have to write a term paper for your political science class, it is not always easy to come up with a topic that has enough information on it to write a solid term paper and not too much information that you will have to write a book to explain it all. Having a list of great topics will either allow you to find one that you find interesting so that you can write about it or starts to get those wheels turning and the ideas flowing.

  1. Political Psychology
  2. Systemism
  3. Structural Functionalism and the Systems Theory
  4. Modernization and the development of Politics
  5. Unitary Systems
  6. Comparative Judicial Politics
  7. Comparative Federalism
  8. Statism
  9. Semiauthoritarianism
  10. Processes of Democratization
  11. Analyzing Foreign policy
  12. Neorealism vs. Realism
  13. Idealism vs. Liberalism
  14. International Environmental Politics
  15. Constructivism
  16. Spatial Modeling
  17. Game theory
  18. Content Analysis

You can do some preliminary research first to make sure that you can get ahold of enough resources on your topic to conduct a solid research study. Just read anything that you can on your topic and then you will start to develop an idea of something that you will like to prove through your paper. You will make a statement and then back it up with research, direct quotes, and reasons. It is a great idea to start creating an outline. It will help you find a link between the main points that you are trying to discuss so that you can draw up your thesis statement so that you have a focus. The outline and the thesis go hand in hand. You may have to change the outline or the thesis over again until the two match. It will be easier to move things around and manipulate them when you have read tons and took notes on things relating to your topic.

You will want to keep track of where you are getting your information because you will need to cite your sources. Any piece of information that you take from another source should be cited if it isn’t considered common knowledge. That means even if you paraphrase or summarize the information, you need to cite it. Keep a good record of the citation information so that you are going back and trying to find it after the fact.

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