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Easy Ways To Find A Sample Research Paper In The Chicago Style

This short article shows you a few easy ways to find a sample research paper in the Chicago style. It also guides you on how to go about your search successfully. You need to know the best places to look. This process is broken down into a few easy to follow steps.

  • Internet search
  • Looking for subjects and information on the internet may seem easy at a glance but you will soon find that if you have not properly defined your search term you will not be presented with the correct pages. Refine your search by using the keywords noted in this article’s title. You can also break down this search for additional information by separating keywords into its own headings, for instance; ‘sample paper’.

  • Using the library
  • Apart from using the internet, the library remains the best resource area for finding information on how to apply the Chicago conventions of writing to your own work. The library uses clearly labelled catalogues in line with subjects and themes. In this case, you will be directed to writing-related subjects such as academic writing, creative writing, essay writing, literary theory and writing resources.

  • The Chicago Style
  • From the library’s catalogues on practical writing and related academic and literary writing, including journalism, you will find a series of books or manuals that explain how the methods are applied to academic writing and journalism. Clear examples will also be included. These examples are also broken down further to highlight important aspects of the style such as line formatting, using quotations and citing works used.

  • Essay templates
  • Finding the relevant sample research papers can be streamlined during the internet search. Again, it is important to label your search correctly. This will still be a challenging exercise because template examples (correctly formatted) are sparse. Note that when you do find Chicago style templates you will strictly be using these as guides for your own writing preparations.

  • Research paper samples
  • An effective and productive way to find examples of essays is to align your subject search work with your search for the appropriate writing conventions. You need to keep your library manual to hand to compare how the sampled academic essay has been prepared with the style guide.

The best and easiest ways to find papers prepared and written using the Chicago manual guide were listed to make the process of refining your search a little easier and allowing you more time to properly prepare your own research paper.

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