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How To Write An Impressive Research Paper About The YouTube

If you want to write a research paper, you firstly need patience. This will become a difficult job if you don’t take the time necessary to finish everything correctly, but If you do, things will become a piece of cake. If you want to write about YouTube, there are a few things you should do before you start, in order to do a great job.

  • The owners. Of course you need a good intro to every paper, no matter the subject. Try to research on the creators of YouTube, how did they come up with the idea, where did they start from things like this. It will be a good intro, since you let people know exactly where it all started, so they can understand how it evolved.
  • The evolution. Well YouTube is in the top 10 websites out there. So you can be sure It has a long process of evolution before it got to this point. Try to explain how this happened, how it was at first, and how they made it so big. Looking for some interviews with the owners will give a very good idea about this.
  • Videos. Well you can find anything in there. And I mean anything. But there are popular channels out there. See what they have to offer, and explain why they have so much success.
  • Diversity. Present the diversity on YouTube. Like I said ,you can find pretty much anything, from quantum explanations to changing a light bulb to changing a light bulb with quantum. So there are tons of things out there.
  • Target audience. Show what people from different ages and different countries prefer to watch.
  • How does it impact our social life. Well humans can be influenced very easily. Anything can change us for better or for worse. Try to show it can affect a person, especially if they are “weak”. A person that doesn’t know how to do any of the numerous things he can do to protect himself from exterior influences ( which usually are not so good ) will be very exposed. So explain how it can affect ourselves, and on a higher level, can even manipulate a persons perception to a certain extent. There are a lot of good things about YouTube, but like I said above show diversity, even in your research paper. So present some down sides about it as well.

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