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A List Of Great Research Paper Ideas On Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is the kind of topic that will always create debates, at least from political and moral point of view. There are so many aspects to be taken into consideration that writing a paper can be overwhelming. You need to make sure that you are entirely objective and that you create your paper in an informative but engaging way. We made a list of winning topics for your criminal justice paper that will bring you a high grade.

  • Death penalty. Clearly, one of the most controversial punishments known to the modern world. Many states apply it even if they are always accused of immorality. Express your opinion on the matter.
  • Underage prison. There is a common belief that minors should not go to jail but in rehabilitation centers. However, in most of the European countries you can be incarcerated when you are 16.
  • Rehabilitation programs. How effective are they and what are the risks? Is It really a good decision it to leave criminals on the street?
  • The police power. All over the world the police has the freedom to use force when they are arresting a suspect. This leads to a big number of lawsuits every year.
  • Historical punishments. Thousands of years ago the legal system was nothing like the one we know today. Mention some of the most common penalties that were applied.
  • Community service for small crimes. In many countries, it is permitted to work a number of hours in community service to avoid going to jail or paying a fine.
  • Public taxes used for prisoners. Lately, more and more people express their concern that their money are being spent for the comfort of detainees. They consider this as unfair, as the inmates should pay for their own crimes.
  • Police abuse. There are many unfortunate cases when corrupt agents are using unnecessary force, or they ask for a bribe in exchange for illegal services.
  • The preventive role of the police. Most of the countries nowadays prefer to attribute a preventive role for the police, not an active one. This is supposed to prevent the crimes, not to punish the offenders.
  • The rights of the offender. There is a fundamental set of rights that every criminal has, like the right to remain silence and to be defended by a lawyer. Each country has different legislation regarding this matter.
  • Deportation. The laws regarding immigrants are different from country to country. In some places, if you commit a crime you have to serve a sentence. In others, they simply deport you in your country.

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