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Key Things To Remember If You're Seeking Assistance With An Academic Research Paper

Far more involved than the average book report or standard essay, writing an academic research paper has a whole set of challenges all its own. Unless Mom and Dad work in the same field as the academic research topic you have chosen, they are unlikely to be any help with how to write your paper. Your professor will likely give you some general guidelines that will get you started, but what if you need more? The following key points will keep you going in the right direction, and ensure that you always have help at hand.


Wikipedia can be a useful source to tap, especially to get a general overview of the subject that you have chosen. Most helpful on this site though, are the external reference links. By following these hyperlinks you can hit the mother lode of authoritative, published information.

Bibliography Gold

Once you have found one or two solid essays, or academic books that fall within your topic, take a good look at the bibliography section at the end. There can literally be hundreds of sources for you to look into that directly relate to what you need to know, including similar published research papers. Look to see if any of the authors listed have names that are recognizable to you, perhaps from being cited during class lectures. For each new source that you find, it will have its own bibliography list to look at as well.

Keep Your Question in Mind

Each time that you come across a potential source of research, ask yourself if it seems as if this material will help you to answer the question in your mind. Focus on looking for research sources that appear as if they will be relevant to your questions.

The True Source

Almost every person has their own webpage. If there is a particular scholar, or researcher, in your area of study whose work that you admire, track down their homepage online. Not only will you find copies of the research that they have done in the past, new research in the making is often mentioned, and this can provide you with plenty of inspiration. Try to pay attention to how old the research sources are that you are using. With constant changes and advances, what was groundbreaking 10 years ago may now not even be worth a mention.

A Librarian?

A good research librarian is a literal fountain of information. What's more, they know where to look to find just what you will need. They can help you track down academic journals and industry magazines, and they will often go out of their way to get copies of hard-to-find, yet essential to you, material.

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