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5 Elements Of A Good Research Paper On The Jewish Holocaust

The Jewish holocaust in Germany was tragic; it was awful and regrettably unfortunate. However, the incidents that happened back then have been a source of research throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Today, people still carryout more research about these events, and if you are one of them, read the article below to learn some of the elements you must always include in your paper.

  • An aspect of the holocaust to research on
  • The Jewish holocaust encompasses several aspects. For instance, there are the issues of the concentration camps, the annihilation of the Jewish people themselves, the effects of the tragedy or the impact these occurrences have in this modern day and age. Most of these occurrences happened over time, which means that there is a potential to produce a great research paper on whichever topic you decide to focus on.

  • Historical background of the holocaust
  • A good research paper about the Jewish holocaust must explain in details the events that led to the annihilation of a whole race of people. Describe the main perpetrators of the holocaust, the beliefs of Hitler that motivated him to fuel the crime and why his followers willingly followed him blindly. Note however, that the historical background should just be an ice tip of what the research paper is about.

  • The holocaust itself
  • The holocaust cannot be described in better words. It is an occurrence that has had a lot of impact on people. A good paper that explains exactly what happened with a high degree of accuracy and objectivity is bound to receive a better score than one that is inaccurate and highly biased. For instance, you may include why Hitler confined the Jews in the concentration camps, why he denied them food, and the experiences that women and families of Jewish people went through during that period.

  • Aftermath of the tragedy
  • After the twelve years of bleak and crude experiences of the Jewish people, you may now describe what the aftermath was like. Describe the immediate impact of the holocaust as well as the long term effects the holocaust has had to the Jews and people from other races.

  • The influence of the holocaust in efforts to curb war and conflicts around the world
  • Finally, your paper may conclude by highlighting how the tragedy of the holocaust has been used to resolve conflicts, and to prevent wars around the world.

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