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Sociology Term Paper Topics For You To Choose From

Sociology is an interesting course that can help you understand today’s world better. The following list of ideas is composed for students who cannot choose a perfect topic for a sociology term paper.

  1. Do housewives become better mothers?
  2. Have the roles of men and women changed?
  3. Are men and women treated differently?
  4. Do men earn more than women?
  5. Is it easier for men to make their careers?
  6. How does the media affect society?
  7. Are subcultures promoted by the media?
  8. Are rich people less moral?
  9. What are the reasons of competition between young women?
  10. Youth culture: how has it changed since the ‘80s?
  11. Is it possible to measure maturity?
  12. Abortion: a free choice or murder?
  13. Are child-free families under great social pressure?
  14. Peer pressure and bullying.
  15. Are gay marriages harmful or beneficial to society?
  16. Can gays and lesbians be good parents?
  17. Does a child raised by a same-sex couple differ from other children?
  18. Should transsexual surgery be forbidden?
  19. Marriage vs. the single life: pros and cons.
  20. Are men and women too different to understand one another?
  21. Popular myths about men and women.
  22. Is childhood disappearing?
  23. Should children be able to change their names?
  24. The impact of single parenting on children.
  25. Alcoholism: social aspects of the problem.
  26. Why do people become homeless?
  27. Women in history.
  28. Women’s rights in different countries.
  29. How does marriage influence women’s lives?
  30. Is monogamy outdated?
  31. Patriotism in America.
  32. Is it important to be a patriot?
  33. Why are celebrities so adorable?
  34. Food laws in the U.S.: why do we need them?
  35. How are obesity and social problems connected?
  36. Does your health depend on your diet?
  37. How can childhood obesity be prevented?
  38. Can altruism be considered a virtue in modern society?
  39. How does technological progress affect human health?
  40. Is the true role of mass media to manipulate public opinion?
  41. Does intersexuality really exist?
  42. How can gender stereotypes be destroyed?
  43. How does home violence influence children?
  44. Compare children brought up in Africa and America.
  45. The impact of the Internet on society.
  46. Should young people live together before marriage?
  47. Compare people from rural areas and big cities.
  48. Adoption: pros and cons.
  49. The effects of divorce on children.
  50. What is more important: material or spiritual values?

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